Our 30 Year Warranty Provides the Ultimate Peace of Mind.


Denigner Tanks are manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the same grade as kitchen sinks. The durability of this grade of stainless steel is beyond any doubt.

Whilst our warranty against corrosion is for thirty (30) years, there is no reason why a Designer Tank will not last well beyond this time.

Naturally, the warranty excludes any damage caused by:

  • Using the tank as a transporter of materials other than water
    (its intended use)
  • Fire damage
  • Impact (Tree branches, rocks, bullets, vehicles, etc.)
  • Any force acting on the tank
  • Any damage caused by storing liquids other than potable water
  • Any damage caused by undermining of the base of the tank
  • A marine environment (unless tank is 316 grade steel)

While stainless steel is suitable for the storage of almost any liquid, Stainless Rainwater Tank has specifically designed its water storage tanks for storing potable water only. If the tank is to be used for any other purpose, please consult the manufacturer.

Tanks with a diameter of over 2.5 metres are fitted with a permanent centre roof support. Removal of this support, for any reason, will affect the structural stability of the tank and will also void the warranty.

There is no reason why a Designer Tank will not last well beyond thirty years”



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