Water the way nature intended

Designer Tanks is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in custom built Stainless Steel Rainwater Tanks.  After years of prolonged drought affecting the agricultural industry, Brian & Glenda Nichol decided it was time to look into another business to run alongside their existing fertiliser enterprise. In early 2007 Nichol Stainless Tanks was created & shortly after, through much thought and deliberation, it was decided a brand needed to be created so Designer Tanks was born.

At Designer Tanks we wanted something we could do with our existing shed space and staff but most off all something we could do regardless of the weather. Having a large premises, great staff and existing transport used in our fertiliser business meant it was a natural progression into tank making.

Our decision to manufacture tanks made from stainless steel over other materials came down mostly to the quality of the product and personal experience with our own tanks.
We did not believe that plastic tanks or tanks with plastic liners were ideal for multiple reasons including taste, fire and contaminants. They are also restrictive in size as they are made using molds. Galvanised tanks don’t appear to have the life expectancy required. We have replaced many leaking galvanised and concrete tanks with our stainless steel tanks.
We are committed to providing our clients with custom made, high quality solutions for maximising their rainwater storage.


Designer Tanks:115 Gibson Road Nanneella Vic 3561• P: 0354 84 6298 E: info@designertanks.com.au